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Welcome, thank you for taking the time to visit my website, in this 21st century at a time when life has never been so fast, we are so busy and the pressures of modern day society are at a peak, the stress and strain of living is taking its toll on our well being.

Are you tired of feeling tired,
Are you struggling?
Are you stressed?
Do you feel over whelmed emotionally?
Do you struggle with life?

Or you could be an athlete who would love to improve your performance An artist to develop your creativity or a business person, or team who would love to excel in productivity…

I would like to introduce you to a simple effortless technique that will give you the foundation to live your life in a fuller broader richer and grounded way. It is a pure and simple science and is available for everyone

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About Wayne

Wayne has been practising Tm since 2003 he first found Transcendental Meditation (TM) at a time in his life when everything was falling apart, he was depressed, socially anxious, and low in energy, all of this culminating in the suicide of his dear brother which led him onto a path of awakening.

After spending many years studying the ancient wisdom of the Vedic Tradition, attending over 30+ Retreats Diving Deep into Meditation, Wayne made the decision to train with The Meditation Trust to become a Independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, this inspirational course was an intensive and powerful experiential course, Wayne while participating grew to understand the Deeper levels Rest and Transcendence as well as how the body holds and releases deeply held trauma and stress when it is given the opportunity.

Wayne has begun teaching individuals and groups working with such a wide range of people, some experiencing the usual levels of 21st century stresses, to other who have had breakdowns, anxiety and loss of identity.

A kind, gentle, and inspired man, Wayne has a lovely way of putting people at ease and sharing his passion for this amazing technique of meditation.

Some Benefits of Meditation

brain (1)

Improved IQ


Improved Sleep


Better Decisions


Increased Confidence


Better Problem Solving


Increased Happiness


Liz Woods

I booked a course although I was very nervous Wayne put me at ease and explained each stage of the process. It has been just over a year and I’m still practicing and so glad I did it.


Wayne has a very relaxed yet professional style & is very easy to get along with, you'll be hard pushed to find a better teacher to guide you through your first steps into meditation.


I have been meditating for many years and would not have Wayne as my teacher if I did not have complete and utter trust in him, he is totally dedicated in teacher others the benefits of meditation, that is his life's goal.


Wayne made TM easy to understand and put me at ease. I enjoyed the training days and look forward to watching the effects of this deep and rejuvenating meditation

Tracey Miles

Wayne is a very balanced individual. He has always been welcoming, with a kind and generous spirit. In his company I have always felt encouraged in being myself in the present moment, with thought and care; mindfulness, for those around me, himself included. His lack of personal ego is extremely important within the context of a teacher.


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