What is TM?




In brief, TM is a mantra based meditation which has its origins in Vedic Science dating back over 5000 years. Some people refer to Transcendental Meditation as Vedic Meditation, they are both the same thing.

This main difference between this meditation and ‘mindfulness’ techniques is that with TM we innocently think of our personal mantra, which is a vibration. This becomes more subtle as we meditate, our mind and body will naturally experience deep rest, which is deeper than sleep but yet we are still conscious. This is also known as ‘Transcendental Consciousness’ or ‘Transcendence’

As a result, after we have meditated, we feel rejuvenated, clear headed and experience a more productive, easy and enjoyable day. This is because during our meditation, our mind on the surface level connects with the deepest level of ourself, it’s like a reunion every time we meditate. We experience that deep rest and pure existence.

As we go back into activity following meditation, a small part of that quality of ‘pure awareness’ stays with us, having a positive effect on ourselves and our environment. With Mindfulness, we adopt either a focussed, concentration technique or a guided visualisation technique for calming and relaxation. These techniques train the brain to be more aware of being in the present which is certainly beneficial for those affected by depression and anxiety. With regular practice of TM, we become more mindful. We experience all the benefits of mindfulness and a lot more. TM allows us to experience deep rest and silence by transcending to the deepest level of consciousness.

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7 Reasons Tm Meditation is easy to do

We don't have to sit uncomfortably, in a upright position with our legs crossed and hands in a cool looking position.

In TM Meditation, we sit comfortably, backs supported, Why? If we aren't comfortable, it is more difficult to Transcend our thoughts and access Bliss. Tm Meditation is all about being in Bliss.

We don't have to focus, concentrate, or clear our mind of thoughts to practice TM Meditation.

Thoughts aren't just tolerated, like a annoying little brother we wish wasn't around. They are welcome part of meditation, They are sign were doing it right. Thoughts are a Blessing in TM

We don't have to change our Habits or carry any set of certain beliefs to practice Tm Meditation.

Tm Meditation works, no matter who we are , what we believe, what we eat ,what we look like, We may even give up certain habits that we have that don't serve us very well, it will be our decision to do so if we want to.

We don't fight against sleep in Tm Meditation

We let sleep come , Sleep is a sign that were doing it right. What do we expect to happen when we give our body so much rest (up to 3-5 times more than any point of sleep we reach during a nights sleep) that it is finally able to stop near constant barrage of stress chemicals (cortisol, norepinephrine and epinephrine) and bathe in bliss chemicals (such as serotonin, endorphins) that we make when we meditate. Our bodies are saying, Thankyou so much beginning this simple wonderful practice, yes I can finally let the body rest. Sleep is Good.

Nosie is no barrier to Meditation.

If we can think we can meditate, anywhere anytime. There is no need for ear plugs, meditation apps, white noise, silence, sounds of oceans or any other meditation aids. I've Meditated on planes, trains , tubes, car trips, beaches, parks, airports.

If we need to move, change position, scratch our nose we can.

Pain and suffering are defiantly not part of this practice

"Do less, we accomplish more. Do least , accomplish most. Do nothing, we accomplish everything."

This is the simple beautiful principle of TM Meditation it underlines the whole Tm Meditation practice. When else in our lives do we get to succeed by doing nothing? When we practice TM Meditation, we finally get a break form our busy lives, the feeling of always needing to achieve in order to find some fulfilment. Were already fulfilled, we just forgotten the art of doing nothing.
Meditation doesn't have to be a struggle , Students of TM Meditation are easily able to practice 20mins twice a day, right from the start , provided we are effortless with our technique of meditation, anything that happens in TM Meditation is welcome and embraced.

When you initially begin to Meditate regularly, some of the first changes you start to notice are,


You become more patient


You begin to sleep better


You start noticing your thought's and identifying what you are stressing about things you cannot change, becoming more at ease with them and letting them go.

As your practice continues...


Your uncover a sense of clam and ease, a state of peace that you begin to access during the day.


You start to listen more carefully with ease.


Your perspective improves, becoming more compassionate naturally without effort.

Each Stage is incredibly interesting and rewarding to you.

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